Constance Wu discusses sexual assault

 In a new book, Constance  Wu discusses sexual assault, saying, "Realization Hit Me Like a Flood."

On their second date, Wu recalls being attacked by a "aspiring novelist" by the name of Ty.

"He didn't look scary or sketchy in any way, and if you had been there, you would have agreed," Wu said regarding his invitation to visit his home. Despite this gut feeling, I disregarded it.

Wu ordered them to stop after they started to approach close, but Ty persisted. The Fresh Off the Boat star made no attempt to fight back.

She added at the end of the excerpt, Some people could suggest that I should have fought back against Ty. 

But I wouldn't have reacted that way that evening if I could go back in time. I can relate to the girl she was because I remember what it was like to be her.